Inspection and Testing

99% of electrical works carried out require rigorous testing to ensure they’re safe to be put into service and a certificate issued to prove this. Also, existing installations should be periodically tested to ensure they still meet current regulations and to prove that the installation is still safe to operate. For those that don’t know, this period is typically 10 years. So, if your installation hasn’t been checked in over 10 years, then it is well over due and you could well be living in a dangerous environment. We highly advise that you book an engineer (be it with us or your local electrical firm) to carry out an inspection and test for safety and compliance.

Our engineers have extensive knowledge of electrical systems and are qualified to the latest BS7671 Wiring Regulations. This allows us to accurately test an installation and spot any possible dangers waiting to happen.

You can be assured that all works carried by our engineers comply and are certified to the latest regulations.

Fault Finding

Years of experience and use the very latest in electrical test equipment allows us to offer a fast, efficient fault finding and repair service. Faulty switchgear, circuit protective devices or accessories? cables degrading due to age and external influences? Damaged cables due to recent home improvements? Appliances tripping Circuit Breaker?

We pride ourselves in our fault finding knowledge and can get you back up and running, safely, in the quickest possible time.